Meet HearBy: David Shuck

Hi, my name’s David and I’m one of the founders of HearBy. I try to live my life as to what would make for the best story, not necessarily the sanest decision. This has taken me to a lot of interested places and people. In my 23 years I’ve been everything from a sprinkler repairman, an amateur MMA fighter, the editor of a conspiracy theory website, a rare book archivist, and a foreign language film director amongst others.


Here’s me eating a hot dog in Iceland

I grew up in Littleton, Colorado, a suburb about 10 miles outside of Denver–yes, the Columbine one–then attended Bowdoin College in Maine. While there, I majored in history, rowed on the crew team, wrote for the school paper, ran the film club, wrote plays for the student theater, and spent six months abroad in the Czech Republic where I made a short film called “Dear Hunters” with Eric Binswanger. I wrote my thesis on how Keplerian light optics signaled the transition from Aristotelian natural philosophy to modern experimental science.

That's me on the left directing "Dear Hunters"

That’s me on the left directing “Dear Hunters”

After graduating in 2012, I moved to Los Angeles with dreams of working in the film industry. I collected a few jobs out there, I was a temp executive assistant at HBO, an intern on Robot Chicken, and a writer for the denim enthusiast site While there, Eric introduced me to Matt (who had also composed the score for “Dear Hunters”) and we came up with the idea for HearBy while he was living on the couch in my apartment. We moved to Philadelphia in July of 2013 to actually get it off the ground.

That's me trying to grow a beard.

That’s me trying to grow a beard.

Now, you might be asking, that stuff all sounds pretty cool but how does that in any way qualify you to create an app from the ground up? It really doesn’t. But as you’ve seen above, that rarely stops me from trying. What we’ve done so far has already been one of the most novel and enriching projects I’ve ever taken part in. As a wet behind the ears humanities grad, HearBy has taken me on a crash course through market research, product design, rapid prototyping, full stack web development, social media marketing, and I’m sure a plethora of other subjects before we’re through.

I’m really excited about what we’ve come up with so far and I can’t wait to get what we’re working on into your hands. Feel free to drop me a line at, or follow me @deshuck on Twitter and Instagram.


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