HearBy at Best of Philly Bash

Best of Philly Bash - 1

Last Tuesday we had the pleasure of attending Philadelphia Magazine’s “40th Anniversary  Best of Philly Bash”. For the past forty years, Philly Mag has been recognizing the best food, shops, bars, and people Philadelphia has to offer. And what better way to mark the anniversary than to throw a big-ass party at the top of the Rocky steps?

Best of Philly Bash - 3

Practically every restaurant on the list was in attendance and serving up the food that made them famous. For us, that meant stuffing our faces with about three dozen different dishes and washing it all down at the open bars.

Two people who aren't nearly important enough to be at this party (Matt and David)

Two people who really shouldn’t have been allowed past the front desk (Matt and David)

After emerging from our food comas, the highlights of our samplings included “Dip Sum Donuts” from Stephen Starr’s  Buddakan, a dim sum pun AND jelly donuts–what’s not to love? Best Chef’s Counter Menu from Michael Solomonov’s Zahav and the bacon and egg dumplings served up by Cheu Noodle Bar.

Best of Philly Bash - 3Best of Philly Bash - 4Best of Philly Bash - 6Best of Philly Bash - 5

Really, what evening is complete without a novelty cut-out photo?



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