Meet HearBy: Matt Star

Hello readers! This is Rebecca, sister of founder Matt, and special advisor for HearBy. As Matt has been locked in the coding dungeon (HearBy HQ) and lost his ability to form sentences that don’t start with <p>, def, or <%=, I’m guest-writing to introduce this guy to the world:

Left: Matthew Star, Right: Actor Peter Barton as Matthew Star in NBC's 1982 TV bomb, "The Power's of Matthew Star"

Left: Matthew Star;   Right: Actor Peter Barton as Matthew Star in NBC’s “The Power’s of Matthew Star”

After his 1982 TV show was cut by NBC, Matthew Star relinquished his powers and made a bit of a life change from alien prince to child of the 90s. Matt has always had an incredible way of not only getting excited about new ventures, but also dedicating himself to making them happen long term.

His first interest was food; he loved to cook, and still does, even after his failed attempt to get on Emeril Live in 5th grade. Though he no longer shouts “Bam!” while seasoning scrambled eggs, he still makes a mean brisket, and his insistence that this year’s Thanksgiving Turkey be made with truffle butter (which I believe he had to special order – turns out the local grocery store doesn’t keep that in stock) was potentially over the top, but definitely delicious. And when not cooking, Matt can commonly be found trying new types of food in whatever city he resides – as a bit of a bland eater myself, visiting him in NYC was always interesting for the taste buds, to say the least.

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving!

Matt has also had a similar relationship with music. When he was little, he learned as many instruments as he could get his hands on. This passion for music continued throughout his college years at Columbia, where he composed a few musicals and graduated with a music BA. After college, he bounced around a bit working for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in New York and BMG/Chrysalis Music Publishing in LA. In the meantime, he even produced an album, “made beats” for Under Armour commercials, and scored both a web series produced by Ashton Kutcher and a short film by David (yes, THE David!), and their mutual bud and other co-founder Eric Binswanger.

Left: Smashing the guitar;  Right: Slappin da bass'

Left: Smashing the guitar;   Right: Slappin da bass

“So why Matt, and why HearBy, Rebecca?” you, my enthusiastic reader are I’m sure just itching to know. As an excitable foodie/musician who loves exploring new places, Matt’s interest in this venture is almost a no-brainer. In his words, “We’ve always been passionate about the idea, and one of the best parts of starting a company like this is diving further down the rabbit hole, expanding, reinventing, and clarifying the product until it becomes viable—and seeing people get excited as they use it ain’t too shabby either! I keep thinking about something David and I talked about recently as we were editing one of the many incubator applications: The world’s already been explored by the people we know and the sources we trust. We just want everyone to access it.”

Ooh! And before I forget, you should follow him on instagram and twitter or shoot him an email if you want to talk about the virtues of taking 48 hours to make veal stock (or if you would like to talk more about HearBy, Ruby on Rails, or Javascript…i.e. his life for the past 2 months).


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