From MeetHook to Postitute: How Many Names Did it Take to get to HearBy?


One of the most agonizing and frustrating parts of starting a new company, band, or even person is coming up with the name. It was no different for us.

A name has to communicate what your company does, be memorable, sound good, and also not be taken. Those first three are hard enough, but the last one gets more difficult every day–more companies are founded, more names are taken. Plus in the tech space, almost every conceivable url domain has been bought and camped since the early 2000s. So even if a company isn’t operating under your potential name, chances are someone already owns “” and they want several thousand dollars for it.

This is why so many companies have drifted towards unorthodox spellings:,, and, are just a few examples. So when we sat down to name HearBy, “HearBy” it took us a couple months of running through a lot of terrible names to get there.

Below we present some of the good, the bad, and the undeniably stupid names we considered before we arrived at what you see on the masthead:

The overtly sexual ones:

  • MeetHook
  • Hookspot
  • Postitute
  • Skimpulse
  • Bonmo
  • Tiptect
  • Tiplist

The ones where we tried to replace “w” with two “v”s:

  • vveb
  • vvire
  • Novv
  • Novvel

The Latin American ones:

  • Peakador
  • Survéza
  • Piña
  • Piñya
  • Pinto
  • Postata
  • Bolo
  • Piqant

The Italian ones:

  • Guidite
  • Guidita
  • Bizcotti
  • Buzzcotti
  • Sharetto
  • Postente
  • Sharo
  • Rave-ioli

The ones that sound like diseases:

  • Daptic
  • Spotstac
  • Listerial
  • Gobo

The ones that definitely would have gotten us sued:

  • Refn
  • Pinshare
  • Mapster

The ones that sound like synonyms for vomiting:

  • Recho
  • Yuproar
  • Barkout
  • Barkup
  • Binup

And the ones that are real words just spelled poorly:

  • Topick
  • Obzerve
  • Piqasso
  • Refind
  • Spique (pronounced like “speak”)
  • Heatre
  • Placemint
  • Spottes
  • Favered
  • Populaite
  • Upror
  • Megafone

And that’s barely even half of them. If you ever have to enter the naming process, make sure you give yourself an ample amount of time. Because if you don’t, you’ll probably spend much more trying to sell something called “Barkup”.


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