Thursday Three: David Shuck’s Philadelphia

I’d like to introduce a new segment on the HearBy blog,  The Thursday Three, where bloggers, guests, and friends recommend three of their favorite places. HearBy’s going to be all about finding the best spots from the people you know, so why not get a head start while we’re finishing up development? This first segment will be from me, David, a co-founder and marketing lead at HearBy and my favorites in Philly.


When Matt and I moved to Philadelphia to start working on HearBy full time, I honestly had little hope for the food here. I was coming from Los Angeles where I could get as much cheap and delicious Thai and Mexican food I could ever want, and had low expectations for the sandwich (or “hoagie”, in the local parlance) capitol of the country.

But boy was I wrong! Philly’s been an amazing place to eat, drink, and just generally have a good time. Even though I’ve been here barely two months, I’ve found a lot of cool places. Here are just a sample of three:

1. Jose’s Tacos

$ Mexican, Tacos
469 N 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Jose's Tacos

When I move to a new place, I try to absorb the local flavors for a few weeks, but soon enough I have to satiate my craving for the food I grew up on:  Mexican. I was a few days into my search when I stumbled into Jose’s just looking for a quick bite before a show at Union Transfer, and my God, what a find it was!

This place feels like a taqueria was plucked from a southwest border town and then dropped on a Philly street corner. There’s Jarrito’s and Mexican cane sugar Pepsi in the fridge, the chicken “de tinga” has been stewing for days, and the guacamole lets the avocado do the talking. Plus, unless you have a Joey Chestnut size stomach, you’d be hard pressed to finish more than $10 worth of food here–their massive burritos are only $6.

2. The Dolphin Tavern

$ Bar, Club
1539 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19147


I’ve been to a lot of bars and I’ve been to a lot of clubs but I’d never experienced a place like The Dolphin before. This South Philly gem has it all:  minimally clad go-go dancers, a  massive dance floor with light up Tetris-like walls, $2.50 PBRs, and thumping beats by some of the best DJ’s in town.

All of those things on their own are great, but The Dolphin is way more than the sum of its parts. Despite the certifiably hipster clientele, I’ve never been to a place that was so easy-going and unpretentious. Doesn’t matter if it’s 7pm on a Tuesday or 1am on a Friday, everyone there’s just looking to let go and have a good time. It may not seem like a lot at first, but The Dolphin will slowly work its magic on you and you’ll be thrashing your heart out on the dance floor before you know it.

3. Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

$$$ Shop, Clothing
116 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

aita walk - 05I’ve been writing about menswear for over a year now at Rawr Denim and Repository, so I always have to scope out the local shops whenever I’m in a new city and Art in the Age is about as good as it gets. like all the best boutiques, it provides a wonderful confluence between what’s on trend in the fashion world with the local aesthetic.

Everything inside is immaculately curated, from their house label sprits and soap to Philly denim from Norman Porter, there’s even a full service Warby Parker shop and incandescent Edison bulbs for sale in this deep space. Make sure you ask for a sample of some of the house made spirits–their Root might be the best I’ve ever had.

David’s Map

Any interest in featuring your own Thursday Three? Shoot us an email at or tweet us @hearbyco.


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