Welcome to HearBy, THE BLOG!

This blog tracks us, founders Matt Star and David Shuck, as we buildHearBy, a new way to find and recommend the best bars, shops, and restaurants.

HearBy utilizes a Twitter style follow model to let you keep track of your favorite people’s favorite places. Whether that’s an old friend, your local paper, your favorite blog or magazine, or even your mom–HearBy puts all their top spots into one list and one map relevant to wherever you are in the world. That means no more relying on anonymous user reviews, scouring dozens of websites and magazines for recommendations, or forgetting that great bar your buddy was raving about–HearBy has it all in one app.

We’re close to finishing version 1.0 and will be launching a private beta in October. So if you want to be the first to hear updates, watch the ups and downs of founding a startup, or are looking for easy fodder to make fun of us–STICK AROUND! We’ll try to keep it interesting.

For more HearBy, sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Twitter, on Instagram, and Facebook. Or if you have any questions or comments, shoot us an email at info@hearby.co.

Follow HearBy on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

Founders Matt Star (left) and David Shuck (right)

Founders Matt Star (left) and David Shuck (right)


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